Play Park Guidelines

The Funnery Play Park & Café is an unsupervised play area. Parents are responsible for keeping track of their Little Ones

  1. Funnery Play Park and Café is not liable for any lost or stolen property. Additionally, we are not responsible for any property damage or personal injury resulting from participation in our activities.
  2. Socks must be worn by children and adults for entry into the playground. BARE FEET AND SHOES ARE NOT PERMITTED in the play area at any time. Socks can be purchased at the front desk should you have left home without them.
  3. All guests must remove their shoes before entering the Play Park area. No Strollers allowed.
  4. For safety purposes we have installed security cameras inside the whole facility.
  5. No eating or drinking in play areas. Food must remain in the party rooms or in the café seating area. Please note that we do not allow outside coffee and restaurant/take-out food such as Tim Hortons, MacDonalds, Pizza etc.
  6. No toys allowed on the climbing structure.
  7. Children must go down the slide feet first and only one child at a time is allowed to come down the slide.
  8. Ensure that you and your child are free of illness.
  9. Improper use of toys or equipment will result in the prompt removal of your child.
  10. Popcorn and gum are not allowed in the facility at any time.



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